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Phantom Rhythm Remixed = 幽靈節奏

Phantom Rhythm Remixed = 幽靈節奏

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Released 2021, US

A globe-spanning collaboration featuring remixes that organically expand the palette of Gong Gong Gong into ambient club tracks, thumping dance music, cinematic soundscapes, and doomy bit-crushed psych.



  • A1: Ride Your Horse = 騎你的馬 ("Steel, Mortar, Style, Fun!" by P.E.)
  • A2: Inner Reaches III = 慾望的暗角三 (Zaliva-D Remix)
  • A3: Notes Underground = 地下日記 (Mong Tong Remix)
  • A4: Moonshadows = 月後殘影 (Simon Frank Remix)
  • A5: The Last Note = 最後的音符 (Angel Wei Remix)
  • B1: Sound Of Love = 愛歌 (Knopha Remix)
  • B2: Gong Gong Gong Blues = 工工工布魯斯 (Howie Lee Remix)
  • B3: Some Kind Of Demon = 某一種惡魔 (Yu Su Remix)
  • B4: Hotpot (Chongqing) = 火鍋(重慶) (Scattered Purgatory Remix)
  • B5: Wei Wei Wei = 喂喂喂 (Wu Zhuoling Remix)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic and Rock
Styles: Electro, Breakbeat, and Post-Punk

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