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Quest For Blood

Quest For Blood

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Released 2024, USA, Canada & Europe

The Quest For Blood is on! Hooveriii’s drum machine debut was originally released on cassette tape in 2014. The band's origins trace back to a garage in El Segundo, CA, starting as a solo project by Bert Hoover. All tracks are performed by Bert Hoover using a bass, guitar, Casio, Kent drum machine, and a Tascam 414, resulting in a blown-out, noisy, garage rock sound. Now available on vinyl for the first time ever, this release includes new liner notes and album art by Callum Rooney. Remixed by Mark Rains and mastered by Mikey Young.



  • A1: John's Room (02:08)
  • A2: Quest For Blood (01:56)
  • A3: Blown (Pop!) (02:24)
  • A4: Work It Out (03:34)
  • A5: Ghouls! (02:16)
  • A6: Lies! (03:44)
  • A7: Man Of Science (01:16)
  • B1: Shine On (02:30)
  • B2: Pill (To Swallow) (02:36)
  • B3: Changeling (03:03)
  • B4: Closer! (02:11)
  • B5: The Man (01:13)
  • B6: T.V. Eye (03:17)
  • B7: Waiting By The Clock (02:38)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Lo-Fi, Garage Rock, and Pop Rock

Other Information

Limited edition re-issue for Record Store Day 2024 featuring red/white splatter vinyl. The release description from the Obi strip reads: "RSD EXCLUSIVE BLOOD BURST COLOURED VINYL HOOVERIII IS BORN! BERT HOOVER'S LO-FI SOLO DRUM MACHINE GARAGE POP DEBUT. A limited run cassette from 2014, now on LP for the first time ever." Additionally, there is a "MADE IN CZECH REPUBLIC" sticker on the back.

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