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Jim James

Regions Of Light And Sound Of God

Regions Of Light And Sound Of God

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Released 2022, US

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  • A1: State of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.)
  • A2: Know Til Now
  • A3: Dear One
  • A4: A New Life
  • A5: Exploding
  • B1: Of The Mother Again
  • B2: Actress
  • B3: All Is Forgiven
  • B4: God’s Love To Deliver
  • C1: All Is Forgiven (Alt Version)
  • C2: State of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.) [Demo]
  • C3: A New Life (Alt Version)
  • C4: Dear One (Demo)
  • C5: Actress (Demo)
  • C6: God’s Love To Deliver (Demo)
  • D1: You Always Know
  • D2: Read Between (Begin Again)
  • D3: Epichord
  • D4: Sweets
  • D5: Moving Away (Alt Version)
  • D6: Hallway of Trees

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock and Funk / Soul
Styles: Alternative Rock

Other Information

Jim James "Regions Of Light And Sound Of God" Deluxe Reissue
2 LP's on clear vinyl with purple splash
Featuring 12 previously unreleased new songs & demos in a tip-on gatefold jacket w/rainbow foil

Throughout his extensive and unpredictable career, Jim James, the frontman of My Morning Jacket, has crafted music that transcends boundaries, inviting listeners into ethereal realms that blur the lines between reality and fantasy, perception and imagination. With the 2013 debut solo album "Regions of Light and Sound of God," now reintroduced as a deluxe edition including 12 exclusive b-sides, demos, and alternate takes, the artist from Kentucky delves even deeper into uncharted and mystical territories.

While delving into profound existential themes such as the fleeting nature of life and the quest for self-transcendence, each track on "Regions of Light and Sound of God" showcases James's profound sense of wonder and his rare ability to spark a euphoric sense of curiosity in his audience. Self-produced and recorded in his Louisville residence, where James played every instrument except for strings and drums, the album traverses a vast sonic landscape, shifting effortlessly from art-pop to cosmic folk to genre-defying R&B, all with a comforting and dynamic grace.

Praised by Rolling Stone's David Fricke as "an eccentric, gently compelling pleasure: George Harrison's Seventies classic-rock spiritualism reborn in the laptop age," "Regions of Light and Sound

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