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Emmylou Harris

Roses In The Snow

Roses In The Snow

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Released 2019, Europe

Roses In The Snow is an album by Emmylou Harris, released in 2019. The album is a country LP.



  • A1: Roses In The Snow (2:32)
  • A2: Wayfaring Stranger (3:26)
  • A3: Green Pastures (3:08)
  • A4: The Boxer (3:16)
  • A5: Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn (3:22)
  • B1: I'll Go Stepping Too (2:16)
  • B2: You're Learning (2:57)
  • B3: Jordan (2:07)
  • B4: Miss The Mississippi And You (3:40)
  • B5: Gold Watch And Chain (3:12)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Folk Rock and Country Rock

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