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Released 2023, Europe

Global rock sensation Måneskin (Moonshine) announce their new album titled "Rush!". The announcement comes after a remarkable year during which the Italian band has garnered international acclaim, including a sold-out show in Seattle, US. Måneskin's passion for authentic rock music is evident throughout "Rush!", particularly on the poignant lead single, "The Loneliest", which serves as a heartfelt homage to classic rock ballads.



  • A1: Own My Mind
  • A2: Gossip
  • A3: Timezone
  • A4: Bla Bla Bla
  • A5: Baby Said
  • A6: Gasoline
  • A7: Feel
  • A8: Don't Wanna Sleep
  • B1: Kool Kids
  • B2: If Not For You
  • B3: Read Your Diary
  • B4: Mark Chapman
  • B5: La Fine
  • B6: Il Dono Della Vita
  • B7: The Loneliest

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Pop Rock

Other Information

Runouts are etched. '1Z' and '1=—' are mirrored. '1Z' is also positioned at 90º.

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* Audio and tracklist in this preview may differ from the vinyl record. See tracklist for the vinyl record above.