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William Loose

Russ Meyer's Vixen. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Russ Meyer's Vixen. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

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Released 2022, US

RUSS MEYERS VIXEN (ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE) - Dive into the soundtrack of the first film ever to receive an 'X' rating for its daring sex scenes. Composer William 'Bill' Loose perfectly captures the essence of Vixen with his music. Loose, a renowned but often overlooked cult composer, has left his mark on various projects throughout his career. From leading the U.S. Army Air Forces Orchestra in New York during WWII to creating themes for popular TV shows like The Hollywood Squares, Loose's versatility shines through. In the late '60s, Loose ventured into composing soundtracks for iconic 'B' movies such as The Rebel Rousers and The Swinging Cheerleaders. However, it is his collaboration with sexploitation director Russ Meyer that truly solidifies his cult status. Vixen stands out as a vibrant blend of rock and roll, whimsical program music, sultry jazz, and grandiose orchestral arrangements. This LP edition, pressed on uniquely purple vinyl and mastered at 45 R.P.M., promises an immersive audio experience for music enthusiasts.



  • A1: Theme From Vixen (2:14)
  • A2: Niles Threatens Vixen (1:52)
  • A3: Janet's Theme (3:15)
  • A4: O'Banion's Theme (1:58)
  • A5: Vixen Gets Excited (3:13)
  • B1: Canadian Romp (2:14)
  • B2: O'Banion Spins His Web (1:27)
  • B3: In A Blue Mood (2:35)
  • B4: Niles Confronts Vixen (1:38)
  • B5: Conversation Piece (1:15)
  • B6: Vixen's Dilemma (2:58)

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Genres: Stage & Screen
Styles: Soundtrack and Score

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