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Corb Lund

Songs My Friends Wrote

Songs My Friends Wrote

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Released 2022, USA & Canada

Vinyl LP pressing. "Songs My Friends Wrote" is an album that Corb Lund has been contemplating for years. It features his renditions of songs written by his talented friends, many of whom are renowned songwriters. The album showcases some of his favorite lesser-known tracks that have always resonated with him. Through this collection, Lund pays tribute to his friends and the joy their music brings, especially during the challenging times of the past two years. Each tune on this album is a heartfelt reminder of the connections and memories shared with his friends.



  • A1: Highway 87
  • A2: That's What Keeps The Rent Down, Baby
  • A3: Montana Waltz
  • A4: Blue Wing
  • A5: Pasa-Get-Down-Dena
  • B1: Spookin' The Horses
  • B2: Little Rock
  • B3: Road To Las Cruces
  • B4: Big American Headliner
  • B5: Age Like Wine

Genres & Styles

Genres: Folk, World, & Country
Styles: Country

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