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Louis XIV

The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

The Best Little Secrets Are Kept

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Released 2022, Europe

180 gram audiophile black vinyl. Louis XIV is an American rock band formed in Paris, France and based in San Diego, United States. The band released four EPs and three albums before their breakup in 2008, although the band has since reunited. The Best Little Secrets Are Kept is their second album and both their critically and commercially most successful album to date.



  • A1: Louis XIV (3:06)
  • A2: Finding Out True Love Is Blind (4:14)
  • A3: Paper Doll (3:26)
  • A4: God Killed The Queen (1:55)
  • A5: A Letter To Dominique (3:04)
  • B1: Illegal Tender (3:14)
  • B2: Pledge Of Allegiance (3:37)
  • B3: Hey Teacher (3:16)
  • B4: All The Little Pieces (3:54)
  • B5: Ball Of Twine (5:57)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Garage Rock and Indie Rock

Other Information

Music On Vinyl presents this 180g black vinyl reissue from 2022, complete with an insert.

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