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Eric Johnson

The Book Of Making

The Book Of Making

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Released 2023, US

Vinyl LP pressing. During the pandemic, some people baked, others indulged in TV binge-watching. Eric Johnson emerged with two albums - The Book of Making and Yesterday Meets Today - featuring nine songs on each LP. The Grammy-winning, multi-genre guitarist took inventory - both emotionally and musically - delving into the many unfinished tracks, outtakes, demos, and sonic ideas in his archive to compile the 18 songs that ultimately ended up on the albums.



  • A1: Soundtrack Life (4:19)
  • A2: Floating Through This World (3:25)
  • A3: Love Will Never Say Goodbye (4:57)
  • A4: Bigger Than My Life (2:45)
  • B1: Just To Be With You (3:23)
  • B2: To Be Alive (4:45)
  • B3: Another One Like You (3:46)
  • B4: My Faith In You (4:36)
  • B5: A Thousand Miles (2:43)

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Genres: Rock and Blues

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