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The News

The News

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Released 2022, US

Upon reforming and releasing their fourth successful album as a band, 'Back And Fourth', Lindisfarne recorded and released their final album with label Mercury Records, The News. This album is notable not only for what it reveals but also for what it hints at - a sense of brewing trouble, future unrest, and impending doom. The turbulent times both within the band and in the world at large heavily influenced the songwriting process for this record. Lindisfarne, an English folk rock band hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne and established in 1968, found themselves more connected to the global pulse than they had initially realized. The original line-up featured Alan Hull (vocals, guitar, piano), Ray



  • A1: Call Of The Wild (3:42)
  • A2: People Say (2:26)
  • A3: 1983 (4:06)
  • A4: Log On Your Fire (2:40)
  • A5: Evening (4:15)
  • A6: Easy And Free (4:03)
  • B1: Miracles (4:08)
  • B2: When Friday Comes Along (3:03)
  • B3: Dedicated Hound (4:30)
  • B4: This Has Got To End (3:49)
  • B5: Good To Be Here? (6:18)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Folk Rock

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