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Lil' Kim

The Notorious KIM

The Notorious KIM

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Released 2021, US

Lil' Kim's 2000 release 'The Notorious K.I.M.' was an impressive hip-hop showcase of sassy, sultry, and audacious anthems. Tracks like "No Matter What They Say" and "How Many Licks?" propelled the album to the top of the charts, solidifying Lil' Kim's position as a prominent figure in both rap and fashion. This limited edition pressing is presented on pink and black colored vinyl LP.



  • A1: Lil' Drummer Boy (4:31)
  • A2: Custom Made (Give It To You) (3:06)
  • A3: Who's Number One? (4:13)
  • A4: Suck My D**k (4:04)
  • A5: Single Black Female (4:14)
  • B1: Revolution (4:54)
  • B2: How Many Licks? (3:53)
  • B3: Notorious Kim (3:40)
  • B4: No Matter What They Say (4:11)
  • C1: She Don't Love You (3:31)
  • C2: Queen Bitch Pt. 2 (3:57)
  • C3: Don't Mess With Me (4:48)
  • C4: Do What You Like (5:16)
  • C5: Off The Wall (4:05)
  • D1: Right Now (2:32)
  • D2: Aunt Dot (5:25)
  • D3: Hold On (6:04)
  • D4: I'm Human (4:22)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Hip Hop

Other Information

Some retailers offered exclusive 12" x 12" prints of re-imagined album cover artwork with the purchase of this release.

Sample credits:

- "Custom Made (Give It To You)" contains a sample of "French Kiss" performed by [a=Lil' Louis].
- "Who's Number One?" contains a sample of "Keep On Trucking" by [a=Eddie Kendricks].
- "Suck My D**k" contains excerpts from "Me & My B***h" performed by [a=Notorious B.I.G.].
- "Single Black Female" contains a sample of "The Sweetest Taboo" performed by [a=Sade].
- "No Matter What They Say" contains samples of "Esto Es El Guaguanco" performed by [a=Cheo Feliciano], "I Know I Got Soul" performed by [a=Eric B. & Rakim], "I Got It Made" performed by [a=Special Ed], and "Rappers Delight" performed by [a=The Sugarhill Gang].
- "She Don't Love You" contains an interpolation of "Betcha She Don't Love You" performed by [a=B.T. Express].
- "Don't Mess With Me" contains a sample of "Heartbreaker" performed by [a=Pat Benatar].
- "Right Now" (feat. Carl Thomas) contains a sample of "Break For Love" performed by [a

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