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Jethro Tull

The Zealot Gene

The Zealot Gene

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Released 2022, Worldwide

British prog legends Jethro Tull present their first album in more than 18 years: The Zealot Gene!

The album The Zealot Gene began to take shape as early as 2017 and in many ways it seeks to defy convention during a time when the business of being a touring and recording artist has never faced more uncertainties.

Tull bandleader Ian Anderson has said that the mythos and themes of Biblical storytelling have played a significant role in the content of the new album, but in ways that reflect both the beauty and the ugliness of the themes.



  • A1: Mrs Tibbets (5:51)
  • A2: Jacob's Tales (2:11)
  • A3: Mine Is The Mountain (5:38)
  • B4: The Zealot Gene (3:53)
  • B5: Shoshana Sleeping (3:39)
  • B6: Sad City Sisters (3:39)
  • C7: Barren Beth, Wild Desert John (3:35)
  • C8: The Betrayal Of Joshua Kynde (4:03)
  • C9: Where Did Saturday Go? (3:51)
  • D10: Three Loves, Three (3:30)
  • D11: In Brief Visitation (3:00)
  • D12: The Fisherman Of Ephesus (3:39)
  • CD-1: Mrs Tibbets (5:53)
  • CD-2: Jacob's Tales (2:12)
  • CD-3: Mine Is The Mountain (5:40)
  • CD-4: The Zealot Gene (3:54)
  • CD-5: Shoshana Sleeping (3:40)
  • CD-6: Sad City Sisters (3:41)
  • CD-7: Barren Beth, Wild Desert John (3:38)
  • CD-8: The Betrayal Of Joshua Kynde (4:05)
  • CD-9: Where Did Saturday Go? (3:52)
  • CD-10: Three Loves, Three (3:29)
  • CD-11: In Brief Visitation (3:01)
  • CD-12: The Fisherman Of Ephesus (3:40)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Prog Rock and Folk Rock

Other Information

Basic tracks for this record were recorded at Modern World Studio for tracks 1, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, and 12, while the other songs were recorded at home for tracks 2, 6, 9, 10, and 11. The album was mastered at Fluid Mastering in London and is published under license by BMG in London. This release is ℗ 2022 InsideOutMusic under license from The Ian Anderson Group Of Companies Ltd. and © 2022 Century Media Records Ltd. under an exclusive license from InsideOutMusic / The Ian Anderson Group Of Companies Ltd. Made in the EU by Sony Music Entertainment International Services GmbH in Germany. The CD comes in a plastic cardboard and is issued in a gatefold cover. It includes an 8-page booklet with credits, notes, and lyrics. This is the black vinyl version, and the LP tracks are numbered sequentially on this release. The matrix/runouts on the vinyl are stamped with "BL46791-XX XX HL" with the rest etched.

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