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Timeless (25th Anniversary Edition) (The Remixes)

Timeless (25th Anniversary Edition) (The Remixes)

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Released 2023, UK

Timeless is often hailed as one of the greatest dance music albums ever created, often likened to a Dark Side of the Moon for the rave generation. Tony Marcus, in his Mixmag review from 1995, aptly described it as a record born out of the party scene, fueled by MDMA, noise, and raw emotion. Timeless serves as a poignant reminder of a significant era in Goldie's life and the lives of many others, encapsulating their experiences, aspirations, and sentiments. This groundbreaking album not only left an indelible mark on Drum 'n' Bass but also on the electronic music landscape as a whole. Within just a year of its initial release in 1995, Timeless had already surpassed 100,000 in sales. Now, fans can delve into 'TIMELESS (THE REMIXES)', a collection curated by Goldie himself, featuring contemporary reimaginings by acclaimed artists such as Break, Doc Scott, Teebee, 4 Hero, Trevino, and more. Tracklisting: A1. Inner City Life (Break Remix) B1. Kemistry (Grey Code Remix) B2. State of Mind (Searchlight Remix) C1. Angel (SCAR Remix ft. Eleanor Higgins) D1. Inner City Life (Nookie's '2021' Remix) D2. Jah (J Kenzo's 'Tribute' Remix) E1. Sensual (Searchlight Remix) F1. Inner City Life



  • A1: Inner City Life (Break Remix)
  • B1: Kemistry (Grey Code Remix)
  • B2: State Of Mind (Searchlight Remix)
  • C1: Angel (SCAR Remix)
  • D1: Inner City Life (Nookie's '2021' Remix)
  • D2: Jah (J:Kenzo's 'Tribute' Remix)
  • E1: Sensual (Searchlight Remix)
  • F1: Inner City Life (Trevino Remix)
  • F2: Kemistry (OneMind Remix)

Genres & Styles

Genres: Electronic
Styles: Drum n Bass, Breakbeat, and Jungle

Other Information

Gatefold sleeve. 25th-anniversary edition. Includes a download card.

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