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To Hell Or Kingdom Come

To Hell Or Kingdom Come

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Released 2022, Denmark

Heidra is a Copenhagen-based metal band that offers a mix of melodic, black, and power metal with folk-themed undertones, featuring powerful choruses and brutal growls. Established in 2006, Heidra has steadily grown in strength, songwriting, and live performance skills over the years. The band released their debut EP "Sworn to Vengeance" in 2012, followed by their first full-length album "Awaiting Dawn" in 2014. Recorded at Andy La Rocque's Sonic Train Studios, the album was accompanied by the band's first professional video shot at the iconic Møns Klint for the song "The Eyes of Giants." These releases garnered critical acclaim, leading Heidra to a series of concerts, including international tours and support shows for renowned bands like Korpiklaani. Their upcoming album, "To Hell or Kingdom Come," set to be released in April 2022, showcases a more aggressive direction while maintaining the band's signature melodies and clean singing.



  • A1: The Beginning And The End
  • A2: Retribution's Dawn
  • A3: Dusk
  • A4: The Rebirth
  • A5: Wolfborn Rising
  • B1: Fall Of The Fey
  • B2: To Hell Or Kingdom Come
  • B3: Ancient Gates
  • B4: Cloaks And Daggers
  • B5: Two Kings

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Viking Metal

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Limited edition of 300 pressings on black vinyl.

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