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Daniel Johnston

Yip / Jump Music

Yip / Jump Music

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Released 2020, US

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  • A1: Chord Organ Blues
  • A2: The Beatles
  • A3: Sorry Entertainter
  • A4: Speeding Motorcycle
  • A5: Casper The Friendly Ghost
  • B1: Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances
  • B2: Danny Don't Rapp
  • B3: Sweetheart
  • B4: King Kong
  • B5: The Creature/3rd Chair
  • C1: I Live For Love
  • C2: Almost Got Hit By A Truck
  • C3: Worried Shoes
  • C4: Dead Lover's Twisted Heart
  • D1: Rocket Ship
  • D2: God
  • D3: Love Defined
  • D4: Museum Of Love
  • D5: Rarely
  • D6: I Remember Painfully

Genres & Styles

Genres: Rock
Styles: Lo-Fi

Other Information

From the original 1983 cassette tape created in his brother's garage, this album has been remastered for vinyl and re-released on Daniel's private label, Eternal Yip Eye Music.

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